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Do you know that your cattle nutrition program works?

There are any number of ways to stimulate a spirited discussion in the sale barn café. One sure way, however, is to claim that your nutrition program gets better gains than your neighbor’s.

Now, with the Purina® Proof Pays program from Purina Animal Nutrition, that information is available.

Purina® Proof Pays Feeding Demonstrations give customers the opportunity to try a Purina® nutrition solution, track performance and determine what’s best for the operation’s bottom line.

“Cattle producers can use Purina® Proof Pays Feeding Demonstrations to explore new products and make sound nutrition decisions based on data from their individual operations,” says Teri Otte, cattle marketing manager with Purina Animal Nutrition. “As an added benefit, data from a demonstration can be compared against thousands of other operations that have already participated in Purina® Proof Pays demonstrations.”

Since 2000, Purina Animal Nutrition has collected data from more than 1,800 Proof Pays Feeding Demonstrations across the U.S. and with all cattle life stages. Program participants have fed more than 160,000 head of cattle and have been empowered with the data they need to make nutrition program changes.

“With so many feed options available to cattle producers, it can be challenging to determine the best solution to meet an operation’s goals,” says Otte. “This program puts cattle producers in the driver’s seat of their nutrition program and gives them the data they need to make the best decisions for their individual operation.”

To find out how your current feeding program stacks up and to see if your operation qualifies for a Proof Pays Feeding Demonstration. Visit