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New mycotoxin website enhances animal health management

For cattle producers who have battled mycotoxins in their feed, quickly identifying the problem, the particular mycotoxin and acting to counter the damage are critical. Now, there’s a field-friendly website for that. Alltech has re-launched an updated version of the website,

“We redesigned the site to be a useful tool for farmers, nutritionists and industry experts alike. The site is now rich with resources for all species and is mobile-friendly to suite the field-based lifestyle of many in the agriculture industry,” said Jonathan Younger, global marketing manager for the Alltech Mycotoxin Management team. “While maintaining our global brand identity, we have completely remodeled our website layout with three things in mind: functionality, usability and innovation.”

Originally launched in 2007, the site has been redesigned to provide a better reading experience, ensuring the site is optimized for smartphones and tablets as well as dedicating a portion of the site to an abundant resource section with the latest mycotoxin analysis information to view and download. With an overall focus on injecting simplicity into a complicated topic area, aims to be a useful destination for those interested in understanding more about the global mycotoxin threat.

Mycotoxins are natural substances produced by molds and fungi, and are common in the farm environment, surviving on many different types of feed sources. More than 500 different mycotoxins have been identified to date and most animal feedstuffs are likely to be contaminated with multiple mycotoxins, posing a threat to animal health and performance.

The growth of molds and fungi, and mycotoxin production, is typically encouraged by heat and the presence of moisture. However, mycotoxins can also be produced by other factors that induce plant stress, such as drought., with the Alltech Mycotoxin Mangement team’s support, strives to educate the various market segments in the animal feed industry on how to overcome the repercussions of mycotoxins in animal feed. The website will serve as a platform to share the latest information from mycotoxin-related news and research, analytical testing through the Alltech 37+® mycotoxin analysis program, and complete field to feed out management solutions.

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