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Chipotle Announces Support of HSUS

OK, survey time ... how many of you like eating at Chipotle?

OK, survey time ... how many of you like eating at Chipotle?

I'll admit, I enjoy the occasional Chipotle burrito myself, although I often somehow feel dirty after eating one. Why? because of the information Chipotle distributes on its website and in its restaurants about how it sources the meat it uses.

I have no problem with them using all naturally raised pork and chicken, and 50% naturally raised beef, if that is what they choose to do. It’s their habit of slandering conventional American agriculture in the process that doesn’t sit so well.

On the Chipotle web site, the company touts the idea of making "Food With Integrity.” The site states: "Food with integrity is a philosophy solidly based on a foundation of not exploiting animals, the environment or people.”

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