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PETA Buys McDonald's Stock, Introduces Anti-Cruelty Resolution

Article-PETA Buys McDonald's Stock, Introduces Anti-Cruelty Resolution

This year, instead of protesting outside McDonald's May 20 annual meeting, PETA will bring the debate inside, as shareholders. PETA purchased McDonald's stock in order to introduce a shareholder resolution aimed at pressuring the company to require its suppliers to upgrade their outdated slaughter practices, a move that has been recommended by McDonald's own animal welfare advisers.

The company still gets its chickens from suppliers that use an archaic method of chicken slaughter in which many birds suffer broken wings and legs or are scalded to death in defeathering tanks. The USDA has approved a much less violent slaughter method and PETA Senior VP Dan Mathews will ask shareholders to vote for a plan that calls for McDonald's to make the switch over the next five years.

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