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HSUS Doesn't Support Local Shelters

It's frustrating to see the Los Angeles Times papering over HSUS's intentional public misrepresentation of its own mission.

It seems our hard-hitting ads, including a recent one in the Los Angeles Times, have struck a nerve. Tinseltown is fast becoming an HSUS power center, so we’re not surprised to learn that its leaders apparently persuaded the Times to take a closer look at our campaign to keep them honest.

The Times Editorial Board told its readers two important facts about HSUS.

Commenting on our recent ads in the paper, they wrote:

One of the current ads features a photo of dogs looking wide-eyed in shock under the caption "Surprised to hear the HSUS shares only 1% of your donations with local pet shelters?" The ad goes on to state that HSUS "is NOT your local animal shelter.

The ad is true on both counts.

Too few Americans are aware of HSUS's misplaced priorities and the Times' reiteration of our central message is an important step in educating more Americans about HSUS's deception. But, alas, the newspaper's editors couldn't stop there.

They go on to write: “But [the ad is] also misleading. The HSUS has never claimed that its mission is to fund local animal shelters. While some people may mistakenly believe that the HSUS does the same job local humane societies do, it should not surprise anyone who has looked at the organization's website that only a small percentage of its money goes to local shelters.”

To read the entire article, link here.