Beef Checkoff Sponsors Nutrition Webinar for SD Dieticians

Nutrition professionals in South Dakota focused on the benefits of high quality protein, like beef, during a webinar.

Nutrition professionals in South Dakota focused on the benefits of high quality protein, like beef, during a webinar. Nearly two dozen nutrition professionals across South Dakota took part in the 90-minute session which challenged dietitians to rethink protein's role in optimal health.
The webinar, entitled The Power of Protein in Optimal Health, featured three independent scientists and their research. "We had three leading protein experts in the fields of nutrition and human health. These are people who just study protein and research it," explains SD Beef Industry Council Director of Nutrition Holly Swee, RD, LN.
Emerging research is questioning the minimum daily allowances for protein recommended by nutrition leaders. Webinar speakers pointed to health benefits that can be achieved from moderate protein consumption. Swee says, "The research is showing great benefits in prevention of diseases like osteoporosis and type-2 diabetes as well as sarcopenia, which is the loss of muscle mass during aging in the elderly."
Webinar speakers told their nutrition audience that the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for protein currently is set to prevent nutritional deficiencies but does not consider amounts needed to promote optimal health. Increasing protein consumption to moderate levels can result in positive human health benefits, according to the scientists.
Swee believes dietary professionals have a great impact on consumer food choices, providing dietary guidance. The webinar speakers encouraged nutrition leaders to re-evaluate their protein advice. She says, "It really encouraged the dietitians to think about their protein recommendations to their clients. The speakers encouraged them to consider recommending moderate consumption of high quality protein for optimal health." The featured webinar speakers were independent researchers lending credibility to the protein message.
The goal of the protein webinar was to increase awareness of protein benefits within the nutrition community. Swee believes using on-line interactive technology to provide this information is a smart way to bring the latest research findings to South Dakota's dietitians and nutrition professionals. Swee states that lean beef is a key source of high quality protein. Raising the understanding of protein benefits can have a positive impact on consumer demand for beef.