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New insecticide developed for cattle ear tags

As face flies and horn flies continue to develop more and more resistance to the insecticides commonly used in ear tags, beef producers may be tempted to see if they can braid a flyswatter onto the cows’ tails.

While that’s tempting, it may be better to take a look at Bayer HealthCare Animal Health’s new insecticidal ear tag. Called Tolfenpro Insecticide Ear Tag, it’s an ear tag option with a new active ingredient to help producers control horn flies and face flies in beef cattle, non-lactating dairy cattle and lactating dairy cattle.

“Both horn flies and face flies can be a big problem for producers, potentially spreading disease and reducing weight gain,” says Bruce Brinkmeyer, product manager for livestock insecticides at Bayer. “Tolfenpro will give producers a new option in fighting these pests, including those that have become pyrethroid- and organophosphate-resistant.”

Tolfenpro utilizes a new active ingredient, Tolfenpyrad, in the pyrazole chemical class. It has a mode of action as a mitochondrial electron transport inhibitor, meaning that it prevents an insect’s cells from producing the energy needed to function and live.

“Having a product with a new active ingredient and mode of action for ear tags will be helpful for producers who have seen or are worried about resistance,” says Dr. Larry Hawkins, DVM, senior technical services veterinarian at Bayer. “It’s important to rotate not just between active ingredients but also modes of action for an effective rotation strategy, and Tolfenpro fits well in a rotation program using pyrethroid, organophosphate or avermectin ear tags because it has a different mode of action.”

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