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Nation's Grazing, Corn Conditions Down; Soybeans Up Slightly

Nation's Grazing, Corn Conditions Down; Soybeans Up Slightly
USDA's latest Crop Progress report, released July 30, shows America's pasture and rangeland continues to wither under the heat, as does corn. But soybeans perked up slightly. 

USDA's latest Crop Progress report (July 30) shows U.S. pasture and range conditions continuing to fall in quality. For the week ending July 29, 29% of pasture and rangeland in 48 states was categorized as Very Poor, while 28% was Poor, 26% was Fair, 15% was Good and 2% was in Excellent condition. Last week's Crop Progress report cited 26% as Very Poor, 29% as Poor, 27% as Fair, 16% as Good and 2% as Excellent.

Meanwhile, overall corn condition also was down, with 23% of acres planted to corn in 18 states being graded as Very Poor, while 25% were Poor, 28% were Fair, 21% were Good, and 3% were Excellent. Last week's report had those categories as 21%, 24%, 29%, 23% and 3%, respectively.

Soybeans showed some improvement over last week, with this week's report finding that 15% of soybean acres in 18 states were in Very Poor condition, while 22% were in Poor condition, and 34% in Fair condition, 26% in Good Condition, and 3% in Excellent condition. Last week, those percentages were: 13%, 22%, 34%, 27% and 4%, respectively. 

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