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Tips for Pasture Leases

Article-Tips for Pasture Leases

What makes a good pasture lease agreement?

What makes a good pasture lease agreement? Creating a good pasture lease requires careful thought by both parties, according to Wesley Tucker, University of Missouri Extension ag business specialist.

Most problems with a pasture lease occur when one or more parties don't fully understand what the other expected. Tucker says whether a lease is verbal or in writing, taking the time to discuss these issues ahead of time will prevent 99% of the problems that will arise later.

"In general, a good lease is one in which both parties agree it is fair and both completely understand each other's expectations," Tucker says.

"Writing out a lease forces you to consider what may seem like minor details now, but can become explosive issues later - things such as who's responsible for fence repair, will the pastures be mowed, who has the right to enter the property, or can the tenant sublease the property," Tucker says.

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