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10 ways to increase stocking density on pastures10 ways to increase stocking density on pastures

How can you get more cows on the same amount of grass? A South Dakota State University specialist has answers for beef producers.

August 18, 2015

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10 ways to increase stocking density on pastures

Warren Rusche, South Dakota State University Extension cow-calf field specialist, shares 10 options to consider for increasing the amount of forage for a beef herd, or feeding more cattle on the same amount of land.

Make better use of existing pasture with these tips:

1. Fertilize when appropriate.

For introduced, cool-season species in planted pastures this can be an effective method of increasing production.

2. Rest, rotation, and grazing management.

ntroducing rest periods into a grazing system can improve plant vigor and resiliency and may allow for more head days per acre.

3. Improve grazing distribution.

Improved water access or moving mineral feeding sites encourage cattle to find underutilized areas.

Click here to read more of Rusche’s tips on pasture management.


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