University of Nebraska forage specialist says to think about stock weight and not worry so much about rate.

July 1, 2014

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How We Count The Cows In A Pasture System Is Important

Are you trying to make your pastures support as many animals as they did for your dad or even granddad? Is that a wise goal?

Almost weekly, Bruce Anderson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln forage specialist, hears statements like: "Dad used to graze 100 cows on this pasture all season and now I run out after four months with only 90 cows. What's wrong with my pasture?"

Often there is nothing seriously wrong with the pasture, although pasture production might be increased by using improved grazing techniques, fertilizer and weed control, Anderson says. More often, though, the main problem actually is the cows, or more precisely, how we count the cows, Anderson says.

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