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Match The Right Animal For Non-Selective GrazingMatch The Right Animal For Non-Selective Grazing

 We need the right kind of beef animals to improve the soil and covert forage to beef efficiently and profitably.

October 14, 2013

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Match The Right Animal For Non-Selective Grazing

Improving the land with high-density, non-selective grazing is most profitably done if the cattle are suited for the job. We've proven the best way to improve a pasture or range is with non-selective grazing. In that scenario the animals need to do two things:

1. Improve the soil on which they walk.

2. Convert forage to beef efficiently.

To improve the environment on which our cattle graze we need to have sufficient animal impact, stock density, and soil aeration, together with non-selective grazing and proper recovery periods.

To read more about non-selective grazing, click here.


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