180+ Photos Of Ranch Dogs

For a lot of ranchers, the rule of thumb is that wheresoever they go, so go their dogs. Trusty, loyal and helpful, these four-legged, furry friends are an integral part of ranching families and the ranching tradition. Whether it’s a cattle dog, sheep dog, hunting dog or just a family pet, dogs are truly “man’s best friend,” and we are celebrating these canines in our latest photo contest.

Send me your best photo of your dog on the ranch to amanda.radke@penton.com to be entered in the contest.

Be sure to include your name, address and the dog’s name. All photos will be compiled into a photo gallery as they are received, so stop back often for contest updates.

Entries will be accepted now through April 18.

We will select 10 finalists, which will be announced on April 21. At that point, our readers will select our champions by voting for their favorite photograph. Champions will be announced on April 28.

For complete contest details, click here.

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