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4 ways to celebrate National Grilling Month4 ways to celebrate National Grilling Month

Consumers can simplify summer with steaks, burgers and hot dogs on the grill. Here are a few ideas for quick and easy beef meals this summer.

Amanda Radke

July 11, 2018

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4 ways to celebrate National Grilling Month
Amanda Radke

Keep it simple, stupid — this old advice applies to many things in life, and as Americans seek to simplify their busy summer schedules, they can follow the KISS method by streamlining suppertime on the grill.

Firing up the grill and throwing on beef hot dogs or burgers is about as sweet and simple as mealtimes can get. It’s quick to prep, easy to cook and eliminates a mess in the kitchen. Plus, kids and crowds love it!

July happens to be National Grilling Month, and to celebrate, kosher.com has shared ideas, tips and recipes to make the most out of the grilling season.

“We love the relaxed vibe of summer that just makes everything seem easier,” said cookbook author Chanie Nayman, editor in chief of kosher.com in a recent press release. “Nobody wants to fuss much – especially in the kitchen. Anyone can and should make the most of barbecue season, no matter what their level of culinary expertise may be.”

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So how can producers and consumers alike spice up things on the grill? Again, simplicity is your friend. Here are four simple ways to enjoy burgers and hotdogs on the grill this summer:

1. 3-ingredient burgers (6 ways)

“It’s all about the burger,” according to kosher.com. Case in point: in six different 3-Ingredient Burger recipes, Nayman shows how easy it is to transform plain ground beef into something special with the addition of basic items you probably already have on hand, like onions, ketchup, and dried herbs – and no need to measure!

Combinations for her 3-ingredient burgers include:

  • Splash of soy sauce + sprinkle of fresh or dried basil + crushed garlic clove

  • Squeeze of ketchup + hefty sprinkle of seasoned salt + splash of soy sauce

  • Loads of sautéed onions + fresh parsley + kosher salt

  • Diced raw onion + teriyaki sauce + dried mushroom powder

  • Crispy beef fry + sautéed onions + hefty pinch of Trader Joe's coffee rub

  • Generous squeeze of sriracha + sprinkle of dried ginger+ dollop of Bone Suckin Sauce

2. Host an all-beef hot dog bar

“More of a dog person?” asks kosher.com. “Check out Jenna Grunfeld’s twist on the frank and how to serve a hot dog bar, guaranteeing that everyone gets exactly what they want.”

To add flare to an all-beef hot dog, wrap a bacon slice around each dog before throwing it on the grill. For a fun, easy and crowd-pleasing meal, create a build-your-own hot dog bar with toppings such as sautéed onions, mushrooms, and diced jalapeño peppers.

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3. Customize your own barbecue sauce

Sure, it’s easy to buy a bottle of ketchup, mustard and barbecue sauce from the store, but you can impress your guests with a homemade creation of your own. In this recipe for barbecue sauce, Danielle Renoy creates a tasty sauce that works well on steak, burgers and brisket.

View the recipe by clicking here.

4. Top your steaks with garlic butter

Here’s a pro tip that will impress your guests. Soften butter in a bowl and add garlic powder and minced parsley. Combine well and lay mixture on waxed paper. Roll up the butter and freeze. Cut serving portions and place on a hot steak to melt just before serving. Seasonings can vary depending on taste. Try lime juice, cilantro and cayenne pepper to spice things up. For an Italian mix, finely mince fresh basil and oregano. The possibilities are endless!

Grilling may be intimidating to our consumers, and highlighting the ways to make it simple may entice more folks to fire up the grill and enjoy a beef meal this summer. What other tips would you add to the list?

The opinions of Amanda Radke are not necessarily those of beefmagazine.com or Farm Progress.

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