Tired Of Egg Whites And Chicken? Time To Meet Meat!

Beef fuels the body for increased athletic performance.

March 21, 2012

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Tired Of Egg Whites And Chicken? Time To Meet Meat!

Attention carnivores!  The April 2012 edition of Runner’s World has hit the stands, tackling the meaty issue of whether or not eating beef and other red meats is beneficial for the athlete. 

Go ahead and indulge in moderation; the scientific verdict shows that lean red meat in moderation helps to rebuild and strengthen muscles by replenishing vital protein and amino acids lost during training. Additionally, iron is plentiful in beef, making a steak dinner a fine way to refuel for endurance athletes who require approximately 30% more of this nutrient than the general population. Plus, a modest 3.5-oz. serving of lean beef provides 34% of the daily requirement for zinc, a mineral that encourages a resilient immune system.

For many of us, this renewed belief in beef is nothing new. I’ve been blabbing about beef and how it’s helping my running performance now for a couple years. Thanks to the Texas Beef Council, I gave up my boring grilled chicken breast existence to enjoy the bounty of delicious lean beef – did you know there are actually a whopping 29 cuts of lean beef?

To see the full article, click here.

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