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New Poll: What’s The Worst Thing About Being In The Cattle Business?

BEEF magazine has posted a new online reader poll.

BEEF magazine has posted a new online reader poll at You’ll find it in the center column under “BEEF Poll.” This week’s question is: What’s the worst thing about being in the cattle business?

  • Calving season
  • Winter
  • Government overreach
  • High fuel and feed prices
  • Nothing – I love it regardless of the challenges.

By the way, about 200 readers weighed in on last week’s online poll question – What’s the best thing about being in the beef business? Of respondents, 9% cited being stewards of animals and nature, while 20% said it was a great lifestyle in which to raise a family. Three percent cited their contribution in feeding the world, 10% said it was being their own boss, and 57% said “all of the above.”

Thanks for participating.