New intranasal vaccine introduced

For years, conventional wisdom held that vaccinating newborn calves didn't produce much in the way of a positive benefit and, in fact, interfered with maternal antibodies in the colostrum. However, research indicates the bovine fetus has a much more mature immune system than originally believed. In fact, the immune system of the fetus is functional at about 170 days of gestation, and immune development

For years, conventional wisdom held that vaccinating newborn calves didn't produce much in the way of a positive benefit and, in fact, interfered with maternal antibodies in the colostrum. However, research indicates the bovine fetus has a much more mature immune system than originally believed.

In fact, the immune system of the fetus is functional at about 170 days of gestation, and immune development in the fetus is independent of antibody production. That means the immune system can respond to an appropriately delivered vaccine without antibody interference.

Using this research as a springboard, Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health developed Onset 5 Intranasal (IN) vaccine, a five-way modified-live vaccine that can be given to healthy calves shortly after birth.

Intranasal vaccination more closely mirrors the route of real-world infection - more than 95% of disease-causing agents enter through the nose, causing primary respiratory disease and often secondary infection, according to Scott Nordstrom, Intervet manager of veterinary technical services. When delivered to the mucosal surfaces inside the nose, the calf can more quickly develop an immune response.

“The safety and efficacy trials also revealed two very interesting and positive side effects,” he says. “We learned that intranasal administration shuts down viral shedding and has no impact on the white blood count or platelets of the animal.”

For beef operations, Onset 5 IN may be utilized for calves 3-8 days of age and older. Used in young calves, it primes the immune system, helping set the animal up for a more effective cell-mediated immune response and subsequently more robust long-term immunity, Intervet says.

It can also be used at branding or weaning, with newly arrived stocker or feeder cattle to induce a rapid immunological response in the face of high stress, and as a preventive measure pre-shipment. It can be used in combination with subcutaneous vaccinations in a VAC 45 preconditioning program that calls for two vaccinations, Nordstrom says.

Because intranasal vaccination doesn't use a needle, it fits well in a BQA program. With no injection site, carcass quality isn't compromised. Vaccination consists of a 2-mL dose in one nostril or a 1-mL dose into each nostril.
- Burt Rutherford
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Health delivery products

Y-Tex Corp. has been selected as the exclusive distributor for Simcro animal health delivery systems in the U.S. and Canada. The Simcro product line includes automatic syringes, such as the Purple Syringe, applicators, backpacks and accessories.
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Squeeze chute

Powder River's Ranger Stabilizer Squeeze Chute features a dual-head, shoulder-catch design to control the animal's head and neck. Made of all-steel construction, it features removable kick panels, dropdown side pipes for side access and a right-side exit. The double-sided squeeze keeps animals calmer and more balanced in the chute.
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Fertilizer spreaders

Axis 30.1 and 40.1, twin-disc spreaders from Kuhn North America, Inc., are highly accurate broadcast fertilizer spreaders in normal working widths of 60-90 ft. and 80-120 ft., respectively. High flow rates and faster ground speeds enable work rates of over 100 acres/hour. Both spreaders are equipped with Coaxial Distribution Adjustment technology.
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Milk replacer for dairy beef

Vitalizer® DB formulation from Hubbard Feeds is designed to combat health risks facing dairy beef calves from day one. It includes unique encapsulated oils, which along with plasma, provide antimicrobial properties to reduce the severity of diarrhea and improve overall performance. The milk replacer also includes elevated vitamin levels, organic trace minerals and Bio-Mos®.
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Gate shut device

Aimmco's Gate Shut is a spring device that automatically closes gates without electricity or human intervention. Designed with a simple spring technology, it attaches to any tubular gate system to mechanically close the gate every time it is opened. Available in a range of sizes, Gate Shut works on a chain-link garden gate up to a 16-ft. farm/ranch gate and on wood or steel posts.
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BRD and foot rot approval

Pfizer Animal Health's Excenel® RTU EZ Sterile Suspension has received FDA approval to treat bovine respiratory disease (BRD) and foot rot. Excenel can be used for subcutaneous administration, requires no refrigeration or reconstruction and can be administered daily or every other day. Administration with a pistol-grip or similar syringe is recommended.
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New building options

Cover-All Building Systems introduces its Gemini Building Series. Available in clear-span widths of 70-140 ft. at 10-ft. increments and any length, the tall sidewall can easily accommodate a 12-ft. overhead door. The integrated eave system can be expanded to 4 ft. Trusses are constructed of square steel tubing and utilize round structural webbing to brace the inner and outer cords. Cover-All buildings' fabric-membrane allows natural light into the building.
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Grader/box scraper

Icon Industries' 1632 Grader/Box Scraper features a 16-ft., 32-in. blade with a standard 6-in. cutting edge. Three-way operation includes raise/lower ability with 30-in. clearance, 15° tilt side to side, and left and right blade rotation up to 50°. Additional features include pintle-hitch design, weight box on rear, hydraulic cushion valve for blade breakaway and standard fold-down box ends to switch from grader to box scraper.
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Feed-efficiency test

The Igenity® profile from Merial now analyzes genetic potential for residual feed intake (RFI) and dry matter intake (DMI), reporting each trait individually. Feed efficiency in the Igenity profile has been independently researched in the U.S. and Australia and is third-party validated. The RFI and DMI analyses are currently commercially available for Bos indicus-influenced cattle only. Research is underway in Bos Taurus-influenced cattle and will be available soon.
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Compact track loader

Bobcat Company's T320 is the largest Bobcat compact track loader offered. Featuring a 3,200-lb. rated operating capacity and a 92-hp liquid-cooled diesel engine, the T320 extends Bobcat's line of compact track loaders to six and works with attachments such as the forestry cutter, Brushcat rotary cutter, stump grinder and chipper. The 18-in.-wide rubber track produces 4.2 psi of ground pressure. The T320 has a lift height of 10 ft., 9 in.
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Expanded service

Featherlite's popular system of trailer tailoring, the “PerfectFit System,” now includes livestock trailers. This method of trailer selection takes customers through a set of options that result in a perfect trailer match for customers.

The service is available on all Featherlite stock trailers, including bumper pulls, goosenecks and semi models in lengths up to 53 ft. Customers can dictate basic aspects like model, width and height, along with features and options.
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Multi-purpose grapple

Now available from USC, LLC is the Claw Grapple Fork attachment with universal type mounting to fit most skid loaders with a 44-in.-wide attachment plate. The 72-in.-wide bucket with dual floating grapple claws is engineered from heavy-duty steel, and is an easy, one-man attachment.
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Stretch truck

The Stretch Truck Company can take a four-door crew cab truck and add a fifth and sixth door to turn it into a truck with nine-passenger occupancy. The same can be done to SUVs, increasing passenger occupancy to 11.
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Auto-darkening helmet

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Vintage USA Elite and Digital Elite auto-darkening welding helmets are capable of darkening in 1/20,000 of a second. Unique graphics are paired with a large viewing window and low-amperage response. The Elite version provides an Auto-On/Auto-Off and Grind Mode, while the Digital Elite includes four programmable modes for grinding, welding, cutting and electromagnetic mode.
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Varmint control gunstock

Advanced Technology Inc. has developed the Ruger 10/22 Fiberforce Stock designed to make every Ruger 10/22 lightweight, scratch resistant and weatherproof. Weighing in at 26 oz., it has a ventilated forearm and hand guard, built-in cheek rest, sling swivel studs and a dowel sling mount. No gunsmithing is required to install the stock.
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Loader attachments

Frontier Equipment has added loaders to their lineup. The manure fork with grapple features 1.5-in. primary spears and closing force of 1,394 lbs., which will work with John Deere 700 Series loaders. A free-stall scraper has a reversible 1- by 6-in. rubber edge to efficiently squeegee the floor and is available in 60-, 72-, 84- and 96-in. sizes compatible with John Deere 300- to 500- Series loaders. A snow push is available in five sizes from 72-120 in. Rock buckets come with or without a grapple and are available in five sizes from 55-93 in. There are also four-in-one buckets, loader-mounted front blades and debris buckets designed for larger tractors.
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