Products: March 2008

Online feed-ration calculator, Tarp and fabric fastener, Natural feed ration, Indoor cleaning, Expanded Surehealth program, Belt conveyor, Portable corral, Horn fly control

Online Feed-Ration Calculator

RCMR Inc., manufacturers of the EZ Ration Hay Processor, has launched a new online feed-ration calculator as a free service to cow-calf producers. The software and database allow ranchers to select figures matching their cow's weight and state of pregnancy.

The user also enters variables for their feed/hay sources (e.g., protein, % TDN/energy, moisture percentage and cost per ton). The program will list the cow's nutritional requirements and calculate a least-cost feed ration utilizing the rancher's own feed/hay to best meet those requirements. Find it online at
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Tarp and fabric fastener

Grabbit Tool Company has developed a family of products that allow tarp users to manage tarps. Available in three sizes (20-in. Long Grabbit , 6-in. EZ Grabbit, and 1.5-in. Mini Grabbit), Grabbits allow users to mount tarps to structures, seam multiple tarps together and replace torn grommets.

Grabbits work well with poly and canvas tarps, plastic sheeting, linens, vinyl signs/banners, mosquito netting, burlap and landscape fabric. It can handle up to eight layers of poly tarp, or four layers of canvas tarp, at a time.
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Natural feed ration

Land O' Lakes Purina Feed introduces Accuration® NB (Natural Beef) Feed. Featuring exclusive Intake Modifying Technology®, it's an approved feeding plan in many popular natural beef programs. Designed for cattle on pasture, it acts as a supplement cattle snack, helping prevent dramatic depression in forage digestion, which improves overall utilization of the diet and subsequent performance.
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Indoor cleaning

Karcher introduces two new all-electric, hot-water pressure washers capable of generating instant hot water spray. Operating on 460-volt, 3-phase electrical power, the two models range from 3.5 to 4.2 gals./minute, and 2,000-3,000 PSI.
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Expanded Surehealth program

Merial Surehealth® calf preconditioning program now allows producers to use any vaccine brand for certain protocols within the program.

Protocols opened to all brands include: vaccination against respiratory viral infections, including infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR), parainfluenza-3 (PI3), bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) and bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV); vaccination against clostridial infections; and optional vaccinations against Haemophilus somnus and mycoplasma.

The Surehealth program consists of comprehensive health protocols, including parasite control with an Ivomec® brand product; two rounds of vaccinations; a Pasteurella vaccination with Respishield® HM; a 45-day weaning period; and other best-management practices such as castration and dehorning.
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Belt conveyor

The Drive Over-Pit belt conveyor from CrustBuster is known for its portability, high volume and durability in grain handling. It features 4-ft.-wide ramps for easy access, 8-ft.-long spring-loaded sidewalls for easy line up every time, 15-in. automotive style hubs and wheels for safe towing, and optional electric or hydraulic drive. The 16-in.-wide PVC crescent top belting will deliver over 9,000 bu./hour. Clearance height is 6.5 ft.
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Portable corral

The Express portable corral from WW Livestock allows catch capabilities for 150-250 head and is available in standard or large units. Featuring 6-ft.-tall panels fabricated from 2-in., 14-ga. high-tensile steel tubing, this unit rides on high-speed highway hubs. All gates are spring-loaded or come equipped with spring-loaded plungers and strike plates. Each panel section has one-man setup wheels to roll easily over uneven terrain. The unit contains a heavy-duty select valve and sealed switch system and is equipped with a solar charging system.
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Omni 1 is the newest member of the OmniFount product family from Ritchie Industries. A blend of stainless steel and polyethylene construction, the Omni 1 can water up to 20 horses or cattle using only 125 watts of energy. It features a large access panel and offers overall heat coverage with heat elements located under the trough and around the water line. The trough carries a 10-year, 100% warranty against manufacturing defects or corrosion.

All OmniFounts' drop-in valve covers allow for efficient water run-off over the water seal, which means less dirt and grime accumulates in the water seal groove.
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Horn fly control

Ultra Saber is Schering-Plough Animal Health's newest pour-on insecticide for horn fly protection. The active ingredient, Lambdacyhalothrin and synergist piperonyl butoxide (PBO), has resulted in a 99% and 87% reduction in fly pressure over eight weeks.

Doses are 10 mL (⅓ oz.) for cattle weighing less than 600 lbs., and 15 mL (½ oz.) for cattle weighing over 600 lbs. Ultra Saber is available in 900-mL bottles (treats 90, 550-lb. animals; or 60, 1,100-lb. animals) or gallon jug (treats 378, 550-lb. animals; or 252, 1,100-lb. animals).
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