Red Angus Feeder Calf tag sales hit record month

The Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) reached a milestone when the Association sold a record 26,725 Red Angus yellow tags in one month. The tag entitles producers to enroll their Red Angus influenced calves into the Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP) for the mere cost of the tag.

According to Mikalena Randazzo, RAAA commercial marketing specialist, the record sales month occurred in February and included both visual tags and combination visual /RFID tags.

“Generally, February or March are our top months for FCCP tag sales as producers prepare for the spring calving season,” she said. “This year’s record is a remarkable 2,000-tag increase over previous records set for a single month.”

Both Randazzo and RAAA Commercial Marketing Director, Clint Berry, attribute the boost in tag sales to producers seeking stronger marketing options to increase their profit margins. “FCCP offers cattlemen added value for their Red Angus-influenced calves,” said Berry. “We’ve seen a $15 to $20-per-head premium on feeder calves and that’s a pretty good return on a 99-cent Red Angus tag.”

The FCCP program is USDA approved for genetic, age and source verification, offers value-based marketing options and includes free feeder and fed cattle marketing services through the Association.

The tag is available as a combination visual and RFID tag for $3 per tag or visual only tag for 99 cents per tag. Calves must have at least one registered Red Angus parent and ranchers need to answer a few calving and breeding management questions. Calves must be tagged before they leave the ranch.

Producers can call the RAAA office at (940) 387-3502 to enroll in the FCCP program, making them eligible to purchase the Red Angus yellow tags. The enrollment process takes less than 15 minutes. For additional information on Red Angus marketing programs, visit