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Optimism Misplaced With Current Congress

  The latest poll showed Congress’ approval numbers at an all-time low.

Overall, I’m a pretty optimistic fellow. In fact, my wife often refers to me as a Pollyanna, always assuming the best of people and situations. Needless to say, my optimism is often ill founded and more often than I like to admit results in disappointment.

Viewing the world through rose-colored glasses is something of a rarity among journalists. We tend to the cynical more often than not, based, I suppose, on years of observing and reporting the foibles of humanity and arriving at the inevitable conclusion that we are a flawed group, vulnerable to our own worst impulses.

Yet I remain fairly confident in our ability to improve, to rise above our failings, to defeat our inner demons.

Except for Congress.

I read that the latest poll showed Congress’ approval numbers at an all-time low and its record for accomplishing anything so far this session on a record pace as the least productive in history, even worse than the last one, which set a bar hard to crawl under.

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