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Let's push the government to shrink itself

<p><strong>Trump&#39;s election as president looks like a real opportunity to cut socialistic programs and increase profit opportunities for everyone.</strong></p>

The election of Donald Trump as president portends an opportunity to push very hard on our legislators to decrease the size and scope of government.

Trump claims to represent this ideal to some degree, and it's up to us to demand it of our legislators, if we are smart enough as a free and sovereign people to do that.

Now, I realize this goes against the long-standing habit of many in the agricultural community to push for ever more subsidies, ever more taxpayer-funded schemes to put money into our own pockets, but I must remind you that a study of realistic economics and sociology says this is counterproductive and leads straight to tyranny.

As if the current state of affairs with our massive, overreaching federal government has not been enough to convince even the most casual observer, I'll remind you that the Austrian economist Freidrich Hayek wrote about how and why this happens more than 50 years ago in a book titled The Road to Serfdom. It can be had in a condensed version, and is available in an audio book on YouTube, as well.

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