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Why I Choose To Eat Meat

Article-Why I Choose To Eat Meat

Rancher explains why eating meat is ethical.

I am a fifth-generation California cattleman, with my sons and daughter actively involved in the ranch. I guess some would classify me as an animal killer because we grow cattle to produce beef. And I know non-ranchers struggle to understand that I can do that and still like cattle, but I do.

As producers, we have a moral and ethical obligation to raise and treat animals humanely and with respect. And we try very hard to do so.

I am proud of that fact, and I am proud to be a cattleman.

The great majority of the public eats meat and wants to feel good about their choice, so it bothered me when The New York Times recently invited “carnivores” to submit essays on whether or not it is ethical to eat meat.

Judged by a panel of elitists who either espouse an animal rights agenda or consider our current methods of animal production wrong, I thought why bother?

We were being set up by those who don't understand food production in general and animal agriculture in particular, and who have already decided they are right! What gave them the authority to morally decide right and wrong?

To see the full article, click here.

Temple Grandin submitted her thoughts in the essay contest, as well. You can read her essay here.

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