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The World’s Biggest Meat Consumers Revealed

Article-The World’s Biggest Meat Consumers Revealed

Luxembourg eats the most meat/person, and India eats the least, according to a recent survey.

Of all the countries in the world, which consumes the most meat per person? The answer might surprise you.

"Nope, it's not the burger-loving U.S. (though we do consume the second most in the world) -- it's tiny European nation Luxembourg, which tipped the scales at 300 lbs./year. Of the 177 countries included in the study, India consumed the least amount, at only 7 lbs./person.

The information, gathered by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and analyzed by The Economist, indicates that consumption of meat has been on the rise worldwide over the last 50 years.

Tastes have changed, too. Beef and veal topped the menu in the early 1960s, accounting for 40% of meat consumption; but by 2007, their share had fallen to 23%. Pork is now the protein of choice, with around 99 million tons consumed.

Although Western countries still eat the most meat/person, it's middle-income countries like China that drive worldwide demand for it.

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