Cattle Expert Models Low-Stress Handling

Has this ever happened to you?

Has this ever happened to you? You have 10 head of beef cattle that need to be moved, it’s hot outside, the herd isn’t cooperating, and your fuse is growing short.

Take those 10 cattle, that insane, add about 100 onlookers, strap on a microphone and you’ll be in the position of Ron Gill, who traveled from Texas A&M University to Elizabethtown to show people how to turn this situation into a success.

By the end of the event, some were likely calling him “the steer whisperer.”

Gill is well-versed in how to step up the animal care component of a livestock operation. He has traveled to 38 states to present clinics on stockmanship and stewardship. On July 17, he participated in the Pennsylvania Cattleman Field Day at the Masonic Village’s beef farm in Elizabethtown.

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