NDSU Sets Feedlot School For Jan 27-28

North Dakota State University's Carrington Research Extension Center (CREC) will hold its annual Feedlot School on Jan. 27-28. The center is located 3 miles north of Carrington on Highway 281

The intensive course is aimed at cattle producers, feeders, backgrounders and others interested in learning more about feedlot production, nutrition, waste management and marketing. Topics include feeding programs; feeds and animal requirements; optimizing nutrient use; carcass quality; facility management; diseases, treatments and health programs; feed delivery; bunk reading; waste and nutrient management; ration formulation; feed additives and implanting strategies; marketing using futures and options; budgeting; custom feeding; and business management. The school also will include a commercial feedlot tour.

Registration (deadline is Jan. 20) is $100/person or $150/two people from the same operation. For more info, contact Joel Lemer at 701-652-2581 or [email protected].

--NDSU Agriculture Communication