JBS Invests Millions in Australian Plate Freezing Facilities

New facilities grace JBS-Swift Australian operations.

JBS-Swift has invested millions of dollars in new plate freezing facilities at their plants in Australia.

This comes at a time when most plants are converting from frozen product to chilled product, therefore obtaining a higher price. JBS-Swift sees things differently; however, with the Russian and Indonesian markets still requiring frozen product, and this is likely to be the case for several years to come.

"Neither country has the infrastructure to handle large volumes of chilled meat," says Ian Mars, head of the JBS-Swift Australia operations.

The company produced 340,000 tons on boneless beef in its 4 main Queensland meat processing facilities in 2007. This figure will be higher in 2008 with the recent acquisition of Tasman Meats. Beef is still the biggest industry, in the state of Queensland in Australia