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New Round Cuts Offer Six More Value-Added Beef Options

The six new cuts include a portfolio of lean steak and roast options suitable for retail and foodservice outlets.

The checkoff-funded Beef Innovations Group (BIG) debuted six new cuts this week from the beef round at the first Innovative Beef Symposium in Denver, part of its effort to help meat processors, manufacturers, retailers, foodservice operators and cattle producers maximize yield, add versatility and increase profitability.

“As the marketplace continues to evolve, it creates opportunities for new beef cuts to be used as a competitive advantage,” says Jim Ethridge, senior director of the Beef Innovations Group for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), which contracts to manage new product development efforts for the Beef Checkoff Program. “Past work on the chuck subprimal had yielded benefits to all segments of the industry, and the muscles of the round offer the next frontier of innovation and additional value.”

As a team of meat scientists and industry professionals that work together to inspire beef innovation, BIG has considerable experience working with the value-added cuts from processing to end-use application. More than 80 representatives from meat processors, packers and food manufacturing companies convened to learn how to fabricate, merchandise, menu and profit from the new cuts at the Symposium.

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