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Beef Or Chicken? A Look At U.S. Meat Trends In The Last Century

Article-Beef Or Chicken? A Look At U.S. Meat Trends In The Last Century

Over the past few decades, Americans have been eating less red meat and a lot more chicken.

A lot of meat and poultry gets eaten during the holiday season. Did you ever find yourself wondering: Hmm, what’s the trend line over the past 100 years for U.S. per-capita consumption of beef vs. chicken vs. pork vs. turkey?

Yeah, so did we. Here are a few more meaty questions to consider:

  1. Which category was consumed at a clip of just 10 lbs. per person 100 years ago but has since risen to 60 lbs. per person? And what accounts for this spike?
  2. Which category has reigned supreme from the early 1950’s, peaking at nearly 90 lbs. per person during the late 1970’s — but has recently been pretty much matched by the category in question 1?
  3. Which category has been remarkably consistent for the entire century, with consumption usually between 40 and 50 lbs. per year?
  4. Which category has always been the laggard — and yet has climbed from just a couple of pounds a year to well above 10?

To learn the answers, link here.