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2021 BEEF Seedstock 100

One hundred seedstock suppliers and more than 56,275 bulls make the 2021 BEEF Seedstock 100 list.

For the past 7 years, BEEF has assembled the Annual Seedstock 100 list. We do this to determine the impact these operations are having today on the beef industry’s genetic base. We are also trying to establish the level of concentration in the industry.

As such, the BEEF Seedstock 100 list makes no claim to be representative of the seedstock industry. Neither is it a proxy for the quality and ability of the industry. Inclusion in the list is strictly limited to the number of bulls a seedstock supplier sells annually. We gain this information from a variety of sources throughout the fall of the year. 

The 2021 class of Seedstock 100 operations sold 56,275 bulls in 2020, which is 116 more bulls than the previous year. We found a greater spread between the top and bottom end than the previous year. The 2021 list is very representative of the years prior to 2020.

The work for the new list was done in October and November. Most of the seedstock operators were reasonably enthusiastic. They thought that if the drought got a little tougher, we might have fewer replacements being kept.

This year, we have put more emphasis into the Seedstock Directory. This is a list of seedstock suppliers who sell bulls and are interested in doing business with commercial cattlemen. 

With the New Year, we welcome a new sponsor, Neogen and the Igenity + Envigor platform.

Name Operation State e-mail website 2020 sale date (green) Breed Sale Method Number of Bulls Sold
Jorgensen Land & Cattle SD [email protected] April 19, October 8 Angus Auction; Private Treaty 4128
Gardiner Angus Ranch KS [email protected] January; April; May; September Angus Auction; Private Treaty 2600
Leachman of Colorado CO [email protected] February; March; April; May; September; October; November; December Red Angus; Charolais; Angus; Stabilizer Auction (10); Video; Private Treaty 2469
Express Ranches OK [email protected] March; April; October; November Angus; Hereford Auction; Private Treaty 2342
44 FARMS TX [email protected] Feb. 27, March 6, Oct. 23, Dec. 4 Angus Auction; Private Treaty 1650
Lone Creek Cattle NE   Piedmontese Lease 1425
Sutphin Cattle Company CO [email protected] Multiple Sale Dates Limousin; Charolais; Red Angus; Angus, Sim-Angus Auction 1200
Pharo Cattle Company CO [email protected] April 5; April 8; April 19; October ; November  Angus; Red Angus; Hereford; Composite Cowboy Auction 1050
Connealy Angus NE [email protected] March 27; November 22 Angus Auction 1025
Sitz Angus MT [email protected] March 10; December  Angus Auction 1000
DeBruycker Charolais MT [email protected]  April 3 Charolais Auction; Private Treaty 950
Ludvigson Stock Farms Mt [email protected] March 15, April 10, November 6th Red Angus; Red Hybrid Auction; Private Treaty 920
Vermilion Ranch MT [email protected] March; November  Angus Auction 850
R A Brown Ranch TX [email protected] March 10; October 12-13 Red Angus; Angus; Sim-Angus; Auction; Private Treaty 850
Eaton Charolais MT [email protected] February Charolais Private Treaty 825
Diamond Peak Cattle Company CO [email protected] Feb. 27, March 13, March 27, May 11 & 14 Angus/Sim-Angus Auction; Private Treaty, Lease 810
Seedstock Plus MO [email protected] Feb. 27, March 6, 13, Oct. 16, Nov. 6 Angus; Gelbvieh; Balancer; Red Angus Auction; Private Treaty 800
Thomas Angus Ranch OR [email protected] Jan. 21, March 2, 23, Sept 21, Oct. 21 Angus Auction; Private Treaty; Contract 720
Shaw Cattle Company ID [email protected] February, May   Angus; Hereford; Red Angus Auction; Private Treaty 665
Fink Beef Genetics KS [email protected] April 10 & October 27 Angus; Charolais; Red AngusxCharolais; Akaushi Composites Auction; Private Treaty; Contract 650
Stevenson Angus MT [email protected] March 17; November 30 Angus Auction 650
Wulf Cattle/Riverview LLP MN [email protected] Apr-21 Limousin; Angus Auction; Private Treaty 650
Riverbend Ranch ID [email protected]  March  Angus Auction 640
Stevensons Diamond Dot MT [email protected] March 16,  November 29 Angus Auction; Private Treaty 625
McCabe Genetics KS [email protected] March 25, Nov. 3 Angus; Hereford Auction; Private Treaty 625
5L Ranch MT [email protected] April 9, November 4 Red Angus Auction; PrIvate Treaty 600
Hoffman Ranch NE [email protected]  February 19 Hereford; Angus; SimAngus Auction; Private Treaty 600
Mead Farms MO [email protected] March 6, May 1, October Angus, Charolais, Red Angus, Hereford Auction 575
Schaff Angus Valley ND [email protected] 13-Feb Angus Auction 525
HeartBrand Beef TX [email protected]   Akaushi Private Treaty 518
Langford Herefords & Hybrids OK [email protected] All Year Polled Hereford; Horned Hereford; Baldie Hybrids  Private Treaty 512
Powerline Genetics NE [email protected] January 19, March 6, 17, April 13 Simmental, Sim-Angus; Angus Auction; Private Treaty; Full-Service Breeding Programs 500
Nichols Farms IA [email protected] January, November Angus; Simmental; South Devon; SimAngus; Devon/Angus Composites Private Treaty 500
BB Cattle Company WA [email protected]  February 8, Oct. 30 Hereford; Angus Auction; Private Treaty 500
Ogden Cattle MO [email protected] All Year Angus Private Treaty 500
Bieber Red Angus Ranch SD [email protected] March 4, November 12 Red Angus; Simmental Hybrids Auction; Private Treaty 480
Yon Family Farms SC [email protected] Febuary 20; October 30 Angus; SimAngus; Ultrablack Auction 480
Schiefelbein Farms MN [email protected]  February 20 Angus; SimAngus Auction; Private Treaty 475
Deer Valley Farm TN [email protected] Spring; Fall Angus Auction; Private Treaty 450
Chain Ranch OK [email protected] Four Sales Angus; Red Angus; Limflex; Aberdeen; Composite Auction; Private Treaty 450
KG Ranch MT [email protected] Dec. 3 Angus Auction; Private Treaty 425
Blair Brothers SD [email protected] February Angus Private Treaty 425
Edgar Brothers SD [email protected] Jan. 11, Jan 25 Angus Auction 420
Baldridge Performance Angus NE [email protected]  January 30  Angus Auction; Private Treaty 420
Lucky 7 Angus Cowboy Bulls WY [email protected]  March 6 Angus   406
Eagle Pass Ranch SD [email protected] February 15 and September 29 Angus; Balancer; SimAngus, Red Angus Auction; Private Treaty 402
Krebs Ranch NE [email protected]  February 18 Angus Auction; Private Treaty 400
Buford Ranches OK [email protected]   Angus; Hereford Private Treaty 400
Knollcrest Farm VA [email protected]   Angus; Gelbvieh; Balancer; Baldie Hybrid Auction; Private Treaty 400
Salacoa Valley Farms, Seedstock Division, Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc.  GA [email protected]> March 28; November 15-16 Brangus Auction 375
Thomas Ranch SD [email protected] April 13, 2021 Angus; SimAngus; Charolais; Red Angus Auction; Private Treaty 365
GENEPLUS MO [email protected] March 23, November 5 Brangus/Ultrablack/Charolais Auction; Private Treaty 350
Griswold Cattle OK [email protected] April 10, 2021 Angus; Simmental; Maine Auction 350
Upstream Ranch NE [email protected] February 6, 2021 Hereford Auction, Private Treaty 350
Jamison Herefords KS [email protected]  February 26 Hereford Auction; Private Treaty 350
Raven Angus SD [email protected]  February 11 Angus Auction 350
Pieper Red Angus NE [email protected]   Red Angus Auction, Private Treaty 350
Cross Diamond Cattle Company NE [email protected]  December 13 Red Angus Auction; Private Treaty 341
Green Mountain Angus Ranch MT [email protected] March 1, November 19 Angus Private Treaty, Auction 340
Ellingson Angus LLC ND [email protected] Febuary 6 Angus Auction 330
Ohlde Cattle Company KS [email protected]   Angus; Angus II; Fleck-Angus; Red Angus Auction, Private Treaty 325
Felton Angus Ranch MT [email protected]  February 8 Angus; Hereford, Angus x Hereford  Auction; Private Treaty, Timed Auction 325
King Herefords NM [email protected] All Year Herefords; Angus; Charolais Private Treaty 321
Judd Ranch Inc. KS [email protected] March 6, 2021 Gelbvieh; Balancer; Red Angus Auction 310
Reyes/Russell WY [email protected]  February 22 Angus Auction; Private Treaty 310
Black Water Cattle Company GA [email protected] November, 2021 Brangus, Hereford, UltrBlack Auction; Private Treaty 300
Beckton Red Angus WY [email protected] 13-Apr-21 Red Angus Auction 300
Lindskov Thiel Ranch SD [email protected]  April 17 Charolais; Angus Auction 300
J.D. Hudgins TX [email protected] Spring, November Brahman Private Treaty, Auction 300
TD Angus at Rishel Ranch NE [email protected]   March 19, 2021 Angus Auction 300
Byergo Angus MO [email protected] Feb. & Oct. Angus Auction, Private Treaty 292
Sexton Genetics OK [email protected] March/October Angus Auction 290
Gateway Simmental and Lucky Cross MT [email protected] February 1, 2021 Simmental Auction 290
Bradley 3 Ranch TX [email protected] February 13, 2021 Angus, Charolais Auction/Private Treaty 289
Clay Creek Angus WY [email protected] March Angus Private Treaty 288
Harms Plainview Ranch KS [email protected]   Angus; Red Angus/Charolais Private Treaty 286
Poss Angus NE [email protected] February 5, 2021 Angus Auction 285
Lorenzen Ranches OR [email protected] February; September  Red Angus Auction 280
Sydenstricker MO [email protected] April; November Angus Auction; Private Treaty 280
Colyer Hereford Angus ID [email protected]  February 23, 2021 Hereford; Angus Auction 275
Gill Red Angus SD [email protected] April 28, 2021,  December Red Angus Auction; Private Treaty 275
Hinkle's Prime Cut A MO [email protected] March; October Angus Auction, Private Treaty 272
Arntzen Angus Ranch MT [email protected] April 1, 2021 Angus Auction 270
Flying H Genetics NE  [email protected] March 6; March 27; October SimAngus; Balancers; Angus; Simmental; Gelbvieh; Red Angus; Fusion Auction; Private Treaty 265
Vintage Angus Ranch CA [email protected] September 2, 2021 Angus Auction 260
21 Angus ND [email protected] January 30, 2021 Angus Auction/Private Treaty 260
CK Cattle AL [email protected] October Angus, Chiangus,Simangus Auction, Private Treaty 256
Evans Farms TX [email protected] March/November Angus Auction 256
Van Newkirk Herefords NE [email protected] January 18, 2021 Herefords Auction, Private Treaty 255
Gartner Denowh Angus Ranch MT [email protected]  March 25, 2021 Angus Auction; Private Treaty 253
Werning Cattle Company SD [email protected] February 9, 2021 Simmental Auction 252
Wienk Charolais SD [email protected] April 24, 2021     251
T-Heart Ranch CO [email protected]       250
Cow Camp Ranch KS [email protected]  February 5, 2021 Simmental; SimAngus Auction; Private Treaty 250
Hinman Angus MT [email protected]  April 5, 2021 Angus Auction 250
WMR Angus MT [email protected] March 11, Nov.  Angus Auction; Private Treaty 250
Running Creek Ranch Company CO [email protected] All Year Limousin Private Treaty 220
McConnell Angus NE [email protected] January 29, 2021 Angus Auction 220
Carter Cattle Company  ID [email protected] March 18, 2021 Angus Auction 220
Adams Ranch FL [email protected] November Braford; ABEEF Auction 211


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