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Brangus genomic test now available

As the field of genomics expands and improves, more breeds and commercial crosses will have the availability for advanced technology testing.

Including Brangus. Thanks to collaborations with the International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA), the i50K genomic test from Zoetis is now available to Brangus breeders and commercial users of registered Brangus genetics. i50K results enable Genomic Enhanced Expected Progeny Differences (GE-EPDs), with notable increases in accuracy for the full scope of traits evaluated in young Brangus bulls and females.

i50K is an evolution of HD 50K, the trusted genomic testing platform from Zoetis, and utilizes imputation to deliver effectively the same improvements in accuracy of GE-EPDs as HD 50K to inform a variety of selection, mating and marketing decisions at a lower price. The widespread adoption of HD 50K enabled the development of i50K and availability for other breeds.

“The availability of i50K to Brangus breeders is a testament to the dedication of the IBBA to adopt advanced genetic evaluation technology for the delivery of GE-EPDs and offer options of products with best in class level of services to members,” says Dr. Kent Andersen, director of genetics technical service at Zoetis.

Knowing more, sooner, about an animal’s genetic potential helps Brangus breeders make selection, mating and management decisions with greater efficiency and ultimately greater returns. With i50K, Brangus breeders can dependably know if tested females should be: 

  • Selected to enter the breeding herd as replacement females
  • Further developed and marketed as open or bred females
  • Used as donors in embryo transfer and in vitro fertilization programs
  • Mated with specific sires to improve characteristics 
  • Culled for feeding purposes 

i50K also guides decisions on whether bull calves should be performance tested and eventually sold as bulls for a variety of more clearly determined purposes.  

To learn more about i50K for Brangus and how it can be used to help improve the accuracy, scope and profitability of breeding decisions, contact a Zoetis or IBBA representative or visit

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