Cows of the Seedstock 100

It takes a good cow to make a good bull. And BEEF is proud to bring you a photo gallery of some of the best cows in the business.

Last year, BEEF debuted its Seedstock 100 photo gallery that illustrates the biggest seedstock operations the industry has to offer. That photo gallery, which featured pictures of many of the leading bulls in the beef business, met tremendous response from readers.

So BEEF is following up this year with a tribute to the leading ladies of beef cattle genetics. This year’s photo gallery features pictures of many of the top cows that seedstock producers rely upon to ensure the next generation of bulls is ready to go to work. Check it out here.

And also check out BEEF’s Seedstock Directory, a list of many top seedstock operations that, while they may not market enough bulls to make the Seedstock 100 list, offer outstanding genetics for cow-calf producers. Click here for the Seedstock Directory.


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