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Red Angus breed improvement pays dividends

The numbers tell the tale, and a story a decade in the making tells a tale of remarkable genetic improvement in the Red Angus breed. By comparing the 100 most-used sires from the reported 2015 vs. the 2005 calf crops, producers will notice phenomenal improvement in all Economically Relevant Traits (ERTs). Considering the power of ERTs and their direct impact on profitability, it should be no surprise that the genetic selection tool with the greatest improvement is the HerdBuilder index (2005 – $93 vs. 2015 – $142). Thus, Red Angus seedstock producers’ implementation of science-based selection tools has delivered an improvement of $49 per female exposure!

As commercial cattlemen continue to rebuild the nation’s cowherd, the demand for superior cowherd-building maternal genetics remains high. Red Angus seedstock producers have anticipated and prepared for this need as the cowherd-building set of traits (HB, CED, CEM, ME, HPG and STAY) is unparalleled by any other traits in improvement. This foresight provides commercial producers with an unrivaled suite of cowherd building ERTs with the added benefit of a decade of exceptional genetic improvement.

Red Angus cattle continue to excel throughout the beef-supply chain. While Red Angus females thrive on the range, the steer calves remain in high demand due to their performance in the feedyard and on the rail. This is easily explained because in the past decade Red Angus producers have further advanced the breed’s genetic superiority in maternal, growth and carcass traits.  Multi-trait advancement is exactly what Red Angus has accomplished on behalf of its commercial customers.

Red Angus breeders’ relentless effort to further improve the genetics of the breed has resulted in tremendous genetic improvement in the past decade. The Spring 2016 Red Angus bull sale season will offer commercial producers the opportunity to capitalize on these genetic advancements, and the RAAA’s commercial marketing department stands prepared to assist farmers and ranchers by adding value to their calf crop.

Material in BEEF Briefing Room comes directly from company news releases. Source: Red Angus Association of America