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Spring 2016 Gold TPR Hereford breeders announced; Hereford carcass weight EPD developed

Records, they say, are made to be broken, and Hereford breeders have taken the challenge to heart. A total of 118 Hereford breeders from across the nation achieved Gold TPR (Total Performance Records) status for spring 2016, according to the American Hereford Association (AHA), setting a new record for the association.

With the release of the spring 2016 Pan-American Cattle Evaluation (PACE), the AHA has also released a new Carcass Weight (CW) expected progeny difference (EPD). CW, expressed in pounds, is a predictor of the differences in hot carcass weight of a sire’s progeny compared to the progeny of other sires at an age constant endpoint.
CW is a moderately heritable trait (.18), which means that changes within CW in a herd can be made through selection. However, the heritability for CW is a bit lower than for other end product traits.

 “Please remember that carcass traits are reported in a real carcass measure and not on an ultrasound measure,” says AHA Executive Vice President Jack Ward. “Ultrasound is a great indicator for carcass traits, and we see the correlation up in the .8 range, but the true economically relevant trait is real carcass endpoint such as marbling and not the percent of IMF (intramuscular fat).”

The EPDs and the updated Trends, Traits and Distributions report as well as more information about the CW EPD is available online at

The Gold TPR Breeder recognition is presented to progressive Hereford breeders who have measured traits and collected and promptly submitted performance data at all levels of production.

“The reason the Gold TPR program was established was to recognize those breeders who go the extra mile to collect data at all levels of production and report that data in a timely manner,” Ward explains.

Since the program’s inception in 2005, Hereford breeders have increased their data collection efforts.      

Breeders must meet a specific set of requirements in order to be eligible for the program. They are:
• Herd inventory submitted prior to date inventory surcharge goes into effect.
• Complete reporting of calving ease and reproductive status for each dam on inventory.
• Complete reporting of birth weights for all live calves recorded in the calf crop.
• Complete reporting of weaning weights for all live calves recorded in the calf crop.
• Complete reporting of yearling weights for all live calves recorded in the calf crop.
• Complete reporting of scrotal measurements for each bull calf with a recorded
yearling weight.
• Ultrasound data reported on 25% or more of the calf crop.
Note: For weaning and yearling weights, disposal codes are accepted if the animal has been removed from the herd.

The following Hereford breeders were recognized as spring 2016 Gold TPR Breeders, organized by state:

Drummond Mine Ranch, Hanceville
Sul-Tay Polled Herefords, Elrod

David and Juanita Jennings, Rogers

Gino Pedretti, El Nido
Sonoma Mountain Herefords, Santa Rosa

Coyote Ridge Ranch, LaSalle
Doug Hall, Fruita
Leroux Herefords, Windsor

Hardy Edwards, Winterville
Greenview Polled Hereford Farms Inc., Screven
Gary Hedrick, Marietta

Colyer Herefords, Bruneau
Elkington Polled Herefords, Idaho Falls
Jack & Colleen Filipowski, Sandpoint
JBB/AL Herefords, Gooding

Tom & Tammy Boatman, Rockford

Elzemeyer Polled Herefords, Richmond
Gerber Polled Herefords, Richmond
Grieves Herefords, West Lafayette
S.E. Lawrence Polled Herefords, Avilla
Charles Robison, Mulberry

Casteel Polled Herefords, Perry
K7 Herefords, Lockridge
Simpson Polled Herefords, Redfield

Alexander Farms, Gypsum
Brannan & Reinhardt, Otis
CK Ranch, Brookville
Douthit-Downey Land & Cattle, St. Francis
Mike Flory, Lawrence
GLM Herefords, Marysville
Gustafson Herefords, Junction City
Frank Hug & Sons, Scranton
Kevin Jensen, Courtland
Reed Seedstock, Clifton
Sandhill Farms/Kevin Schultz, Haviland
Schu-Lar Polled Herefords, Lecompton
Allan Shumaker, Wetmore
Springhill Herefords, Blue Rapids
VJS Polled Herefords, Hays

Church View Farm Inc., Millersville
R&T Acres, Frederick

Grand Meadows Farm, Ada
Ronald MacNaughton, Grand Ledge
Phil & Chris Rottman, Fremont
Veesers Triple E Hereford Farm, Powers

Bellefy Herefords, Bagley
Dakitch Hereford Farms, Ada
Dose Family Herefords, Arlington
Krogstad Polled Herefords, Fertile
Kruse Polled Herefords, Harris
Lester Schafer, Buffalo Lake

Doss Hereford Farms, Smithville
E.L. Mobley, Fairdealing
Thomas Family Herefords, Trenton

Beery Land & Livestock, Vida
Mark Cooper, Willow Creek
Holden Herefords, Valier
Storey Hereford Ranch, Bozeman
Richard & Shirley Thomas, Gold Creek
Wichman Herefords, Moore

Blueberry Hill Farms Inc., Norfolk
Joe Brockman, Lawrence
Cargill Herefords, Scotia
JB Ranch, Wayne
Linton Polled Herefords, Miller
Alfred Schutte & Sons, Guide Rock
TWJ Farms, Carroll

Bell Ranch, Paradise Valley
New York
Timothy J Dennis, Penn Yan
John and Kathi Wagner, Catskill

North Carolina
Harry W. Myers Jr., Statesville

North Dakota
Mrnak Herefords, Bowman
Stuber Ranch, Bowman

Douglas Banks, Hamilton
Rex Bradford, Saint Marys
Brielmaier Farm, Cincinatti
NS Polled Herefords, Shaker Heights

J.M. Birdwell, Fletcher
Express Ranches, Yukon
Headquarters Ranch, Carney

Hacklin Hereford Ranch, Redmond
High Desert Cattle Co., Canyon City
Greg Thomas, Bonanza
White Hereford Ranch, Burns

Flat Stone Lick, Marianna
Kniffen Livestock, Spring Mill

South Carolina
Fowken Farm, Jonesville

South Dakota
Bar JZ Polled Herefords, Holabird
Fawcetts Elm Creek Ranch, Ree Heights
Frederickson Ranch, Spearfish
Hillsview Farms, Eureka
Eldon Lee Olthoff, Emery
Mike & Lori Peskey, Iroquois
Rausch Herefords, Hoven
Ravine Creek Ranch, Huron

Billy Ashe, Selmer
Stan Webster, Chestnut Mound
Crouch Polled Hereford Farm, McMinnville

Eric Daniels, Dalhart
Flying S Herefords, Dallas
Indian Mound Ranch, Canadian
JP Family Limited Partnership, San Angelo
Ledbetter Cattle Co., Wheeler
P&J Polled Herefords, La Vernia
Still River Ranch, Van Alsytne
Texas 2T Farms, Nacogdoches
Texas Stardance Cattle LLC, Hamilton
Trinity Farms, Mount Pleasant

Bay Brook Farm, Dabneys
Deer Track Farm, Spotsylvania
Meadow Ridge Farms Inc., Broadway
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, Blacksburg

Ottley Herefords, Quincy

Henry-Charlotte Handzel Jr – Whiskey Run Farms, Cottage Grove
Huth Polled Herefords, Oakfield
Owego Stock Farm, Argyle

West Virginia
Five Star Polled Herefords, Smithville
West Virginia University, Morgantown