2021 National Stocker Survey

Resource available to help better understand the stocker and backgrounding sector of the cattle industry.

February 1, 2021

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Stocker and backgrounding operations continue to be an essential part of the U.S. cattle and beef industries. Growing cattle outside of the feedlot enables aggregating and sorting cattle of widely divergent types, classes and weights into more homogenous groups for future management, all the while decreasing overall production cost and matching beef demand to cattle supply.

While the dynamic nature of this segment often makes it difficult to clearly define, the stocker and backgrounding sector plays a critical role within the industry. For a minority of those involved, it is a full-time job and the sole source of income. For others, it is an enterprise blending seamlessly into a larger operation, leveraging existing resources.

Understanding this diverse sector is the reason behind the 2021 National Stocker Survey. It builds upon the first one conducted in 2007 by characterizing the sector, while also providing an opportunity to view trends over time.

The 2021 survey is made possible through the guidance of experts from 11 land-grant universities and other professionals as well as a sponsorship from Zoetis.

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