Outcry For Border Security Grows

More individuals are demanding the federal government get serious about border security in the aftermath of the tragic murder of Arizona rancher Robert (Rob) Krentz on March 27.

April 12, 2010

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Outcry For Border Security Grows

More individuals are demanding the federal government get serious about border security in the aftermath of the tragic murder of Arizona rancher Robert (Rob) Krentz on March 27.

Krentz and his dog were shot and killed, apparently by illegal border crossers, while Krentz was checking fence on the family’s ranch.

“We hold no malice towards the Mexican people for this senseless act but do hold the political forces in this country and Mexico accountable for what has happened,” said the Krentz family in a statement. “Their disregard of our repeated pleas and warnings of impending violence toward our community fell on deaf ears shrouded in political correctness. As a result, we have paid the ultimate price for their negligence in credibly securing our borderlands.

“In honor of everything Rob stood for, we ask everyone to work peacefully toward bringing credible law and order to our border and provide Border Patrol and county law enforcement with sufficient financial resources and manpower to stop this invasion of our country. We urge the President of the U.S. to step forward and immediately order deployment of the active U.S. military to the Arizona, New Mexico border.”

The Arizona ranching community and the Arizona Cattle Growers Association (ACGA) reacted quickly with support for the family and efforts to find the culprit.

Between ACGA – with contributions from Arizona Cattle Feeders Association and Arizona Farm Bureau – and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), $40,000 has been raised so far for a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the murderer.

ACGA reports that a Robert Krentz Memorial Fund has been established, and anyone wishing to donate can do so at any Wells Fargo – Account #5560960899. For more info, contact ACGA’s Patrick Bray at 602-762-0671 or [email protected].

“It’s important that we apprehend the individual responsible for this heinous crime so that no one has to suffer like the Krentz family has,” says ACGA president Steve Brophy. “It’s also important that we send a clear message to those who choose to enter the U.S. illegally and wreak havoc on our southern Arizona border that we will not stand for this foreign invasion any longer. We must secure the border now.”

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer called for immediate action by the federal government to increase public safety at Arizona’s border through the addition of National Guard soldiers and airmen.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the Krentz family during this horrible and unnecessary tragedy,” Brewer says. “For over a year I’ve demanded the federal government fulfill my request, joined by the governors of Texas, New Mexico and California, to uphold its constitutional responsibilities and increase security along the border through the deployment of additional National Guard troops. Our citizens must be protected from border violence. Additional soldiers can provide critical support to law enforcement agency operations, and a surge in troops at the Arizona border has been proven in the past to be effective.”

Likewise, Sen. John McCain called for action in a letter to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. In the letter, McCain says, “…For years, I have called on the President to send National Guard troops to the border in an effort to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and narcotics. Most recently, I supported Gov. Brewer's request to place troops along Arizona’s border with Mexico. Unfortunately that request was rejected by this Administration. A year later, in light of the recent incidents and the continued growth of drug violence along the border, I am asking you and the Administration to immediately reconsider your position and send National Guard troops to our southern border region…

“…The people of Arizona and the U.S. demand and deserve secure borders. I hope that you will take a personal interest in ensuring that Arizonans can feel safe and protected on their own property and not live in fear of the increasing violence along the border. I look forward to a swift and decisive response to this situation.”

Earlier this week, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) and Public Lands Council (PLC) called on the U.S. government to take every step necessary to immediately increase security at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“NCBA has long supported the need for a sustainable plan to increase border security. For more than 100 years, live cattle trade across the U.S.-Mexico border has been an integral part of the beef industry,” says Steve Foglesong, NCBA president. “It appears to us that the situation across a considerable section of the border with our trading partner to the south has deteriorated rapidly, and is now affecting our businesses and our personal safety. It’s time for the U.S. government to take immediate action before commerce and lives are put at further risk.”

Meanwhile, Skye Krebs, PLC president, says: “The historical lack security at our borders continues to pose a threat to livestock producers and their families. It’s unacceptable for ranchers in our border communities to have to live in constant fear of their lives and property simply because of where they live and do business.”

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