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7 Ways To Avoid Heat Stress in Livestock

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Soaring temperatures, combined with soaked soils from heavy rains, can put cattle at high risk of heat stress. Several factors, both genetic and environmental, can affect the susceptibility of cattle to heat stress. European breeds and black-hided or red-hided cattle have genetic susceptibility.

Cattle that are in poor condition, have previously suffered from pneumonia have higher risk of stress, as are those that are poorly conditioned or have recently arrived at a high-risk region. Do you know what these factors are and how you can help prevent heat stress in livestock?

Individual feedlots that lie in lower areas or that have large windbreaks may have more serious conditions that the forecast in general.

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Though temperature can play a big part in keeping cattle cool, many other factors can impact the summertime health of a herd. Temperature levels that may not pose a threat at lower humidity levels can become dangerous as humidity increases. At 100 degrees Fahrenheit, 10% humidity pushes livestock into the danger zone, with 30% translating into an emergency situation.

Our freemium 7 ways to avoid heat stress in livestock offers an easy list of steps to take to make sure your livestock is safe and well during the hot and humid dog days of summer. Most of these steps you probably are already doing in your operation, but don't realize you can use those same techniques to keep your livestock safe.

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