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BETA NOPS feed assurance scheme goes international

The BETA NOPS feed assurance scheme, introduced to reduce the risk of naturally occurring prohibited substances in equine feed, has welcomed its first member from continental Europe. Hepromij, a family-run Dutch firm, has been audited to the code for its range of special feeds manufactured for the equine market under private label.

The company offers a portfolio of products, including energy mixes and herbal muesli, and ranges from feeds that are grain-free, low in starch and sugar, to those that are high in fat and fibre. It also produces pelleted snacks in all flavours, shapes and sizes.

Peggy Friesen, Hepromij's quality department head, said: “We are very happy to have become a BETA NOPS member. It shows that we have taken every possible measure to avoid NOPS in horse feed, as well as refining our quality systems to be extra-vigilant with the intake of raw materials and the production process.”

BETA executive director Claire Williams added: “With the acceptance of Hepromij into the scheme, an Australian company in the midst of the auditing process, members in the UK and Ireland – and a great deal of interest from other overseas companies – the BETA NOPS scheme has now become truly international.

“Since becoming a stand-alone code operated by BETA, rather than an appendix to UFAS and FEMAS codes, the BETA NOPS scheme has continued to grow and branch out into other countries around the world.”

Belonging to the BETA NOPS feed assurance scheme shows that a company has followed industry best-practice procedures, manufacturing in dedicated, non-medicated production lines in order to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. All members are checked on an annual basis to ensure that they continue to meet the scheme's stringent requirements and are eligible to feature the distinctive green BETA NOPS logo on feed packaging.

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