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Dear Uncle Sam: Wake up — now!

Uncle Sam, all niceties aside, it’s time you wake up and smell the manure! It’s your doing! America’s most taxing problem is your spending problem.

Dear Uncle Sam: Wake up — now!

Uncle Sam, all niceties aside, it’s time you wake up and smell the manure! It’s your doing! America’s most taxing problem is your spending problem.

Normally, I reserve such pithy comments for my blog. But these aren’t normal times — not with America on the cusp of economic catastrophe.This is not about being Democrat or Republican. Both parties’ integrity is at an all-time low.

For the first time in my memory, U.S. citizens are more united than ever on two things:

1) You must regain budget control before the economy can recover. It’s crucial to restoring confidence in our system and to spark domestic job creation.

2) You, our chosen leaders, must change your ways of doing business: return to century-old congressional protocols and away from political maneuvering, or our society will unravel. Please note: You aren’t good at recovering from disasters. Remember Katrina and the BP spill?

You, Uncle Sam, are America’s biggest problem. So take preventive action — now! You must prove you don’t deserve to be fired.

We want our country back. Most of us still believe in self-determination, hard work and the values of our founding fathers. We want that for our children, too.

My want list

Take pride in America’s heritage. It’s a sign of leadership, not weakness. Step back from the global economic community; don’t step down to be like it.

• Give us an unexpected surprise — a moratorium on all executive-, judicial- and congressional-branch pay raises and cost-of-living increases until the federal budget has been balanced for at least one year.

• Show us you’re feeling our pain. Overhaul that new federal health care program into one basic program with no exceptions — federal employees and members of Congress included.

• If the plan is good enough for me, it should be good enough even for you — without a “privileged package.” Then encourage insurance providers to compete nationally in our “free-market system”.

• Commit to a zero-growth federal budget for the next 10 years: no new taxes, programs or regulations without eliminating existing ones with comparable costs. Yes, this is seriously austere! This is what you’ve driven America to.

• Pour all federal retirement/social security funds into one pot — yours included. Social Security that’s good enough for me should also be good enough for you. That’s one piece of socialism that has merit.

• Require mandatory near-term and long-term financial impact statements for all legislation and agency regulations (including amendments and add-ons) prior to adoption.

• Foster business and industry policies (and taxes) that encourage domestic business growth and employment, and discourage off-shore development. Target core industries offering full-time jobs and benefits.

• Just one more thing, Uncle. Stop raiding Social Security and other federal funds to benefit those who are in America illegally, and who come here to bear children.

While you’re at it, finish the Mexican border fence. Then open the gates so immigrant workers can come here legally. And stop your frivolous, wasteful legal assaults on Arizona for doing the job that’s supposed to be yours!

This article published in the October, 2010 edition of AMERICAN AGRICULTURIST.

All rights reserved. Copyright Farm Progress Cos. 2010.

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