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Employee buying may be killing sales

The problems plaguing most every retail operation starts with employee attitudes toward selling and their personal preferences.

Let’s be honest, a lot of people are afraid of retail salespeople. For that matter, they are afraid of anyone who says they sell something.

Most people like the illusion that somebody is not selling them but just helping them.

As a retail expert and sales trainer, I can tell you that everyone is selling every single waking moment. You’re selling your husband that he should be the one to take out the trash. Your students are selling you when they convince you they deserve a better grade. Anyone who has gotten a loan, a job, or a date has had to sell someone on themselves. They didn’t educate the other person. They sold. Their belief in the product sold you. Likewise, if you felt you wouldn’t get the job, you sold them on how you didn’t deserve it. And you weren’t hired.



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