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Finding the best part timers for your business

Staying visible and building your reputation as a great place to work makes hiring a whole lot easier.

Why hunt for part time workers when you can get them to come to you? In the best of conditions you’ll have some top quality people lined up and waiting before you need them. Building a reputation as a great place to work is one way to do that. Another way is to make your application process visible where the best applicants are located.

“You always want to be asking: How do we make it easy for the best people to get into our hiring process?” says Mel Kleiman, director of Houston-based Humetrics, an employment consulting firm. One way is to connect with the right Internet sites. Craigslist is by far the most popular site for connecting with part timers. Kleiman also recommends becoming familiar with a commercial alternative:

Understand, too, that there’s a move underway from the traditional web based job boards to the mobile platform. “Many part timers are no longer looking for work on their computers, but are using their smart phones,” says Kleiman. He suggests looking into, a Seattle-based hourly worker Internet marketplace designed for maximum compatibility with the mobile platform.

“We have observed that most applicants prefer to apply via mobile services,” says Luis Salazar, CEO at “So making your search mobile friendly, including allowing text messages and phone calls, helps you reach out to a broader and richer base.”

Make the application process smooth and easy. “If the job application process treats them well, then the workers will be motivated from day one, making them feel valued,” says Salazar. “On the other hand, if there are too many barriers to applying for a job -- like a lengthy application process, distracting advertisements or a lack of mobile options -- then companies risk alienating potential part timers.”

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