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Great Plains expands its Nutri-Pro line

Great Plains, based in Salina, has come out with new models in its Nutri-Pro Nutrient Application Systems configured to 20-inch row spacing.

Great Plains expands its Nutri-Pro line

Great Plains, based in Salina, has come out with new models in its Nutri-Pro Nutrient Application Systems configured to 20-inch row spacing.

The Nutri-Pro line had originally been designed to apply fertilizers in traditional row spacings only. The new models will work for farmers who plant narrow-row crops or solid-seed wheat, or who want to fertilize at an angle to a previous row crop.

Nutri-Pro was introduced in the marketplace in 2011. It is designed to allow the producer to pre-apply liquid fertilizer in the spring just prior to planting, while simultaneously removing residue and tilling the planting zone.

It can also be converted to sidedress fertilizer application after the plants have emerged, and is designed to replace traditional fall fertilization, which can result in a significant loss of nitrogen even before row crops are planted in the spring.

Key Points

• Great Plains Manufacturing introduces new models.

• New models for narrow-row crops or solid-seed wheat.

• New feature eases switch from pre-apply to sidedress.

Great Plains Nutri-Pro systems are available in 30- and 40-foot working widths and come in two model types: Precision and Anhydrous and Liquid. Both incorporate a leading coulter followed by an anhydrous knife; a single 20-inch Vantage 1 liquid coulter; or a double row-cleaner, three-coulter system,

Hydraulic weight transfer is standard on all units, which provides even, constant down pressure to the full width of the implement. A floating-tongue, pull-type model, three-point mounted unit, or semi-mounted unit with lift-assist wheels is also available.

A new feature developed by Great Plains engineers for the company’s three-coulter Nutri-Pro Precision models is a Quik-Tach Coulter. The patent-pending Quik-Tach Coulter helps farmers easily change from pre-apply to sidedress setup on their Nutri-Pro Precision models. The original assembly was heavier and difficult to remove, requiring the removal and fastening of four bolts per unit.

The new casting includes a hook at the top of each assembly that provides stability, yet eliminates the top two bolts. A loop has also been added to the top of the assembly so a hoist could be used for lifting, if desired.

The new models feature the same choice of single or double Raven Super Coolers, and can be set up for single-rate or variable-rate application. A choice of closing options or “sealers” is also available for sealing the trench when applying anhydrous.

Double concave disks, spring-loaded berm conditioners, or angled spider-wheel conditioners are closing options, depending on the soil and residue conditions.

Founded in 1976 by Roy Applequist, Great Plains Manufacturing employs 1,400 people in eight Kansas communities and Sleaford, England. Great Plains continues today under the direction of Applequist and remains a family-owned business.


EASIER SWITCH:One new feature of Great Plains Manufacturing’s new Nutri-Pro models is an easier way to switch from pre-apply to sidedress.


NEW MODEL:Nutri-Pro’s new nutrient applicators are available in either 30-foot or 40-foot working widths, and come in two models: Precision, and Anydrous and Liquid.

This article published in the November, 2012 edition of KANSAS FARMER.

All rights reserved. Copyright Farm Progress Cos. 2012.

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