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Here’s the latest in fertilizer application

Montag Manufacturing is introducing a steerable nurse cart with Landluvr tracks.

Here’s the latest in fertilizer application

New spreader handles liquid or dry fertilizer

Big cart features low compaction

Montag Manufacturing is introducing a steerable nurse cart with Landluvr tracks. It will be available next fall and will have 12-ton capacity, still putting only 13 to 14 pounds per square inch of pressure on the ground. No retail pricing is available yet, but a company representative says it’s likely customers will buy the cart from Montag and the tracks from Landluvr. Call 712-852-4572, or visit


On-the-go blending for 2 fertilizers

Montag Manufacturing’s new Twin Bin steerable cart will blend two fertilizers on the go. Each side is rated for 3,000 pounds. The meter drops the twin flow of fertilizers into a 3,000-rpm vortex of moving air to blend it thoroughly. Individual controls on the stainless-steel meters achieve a row-to-row accuracy of plus or minus 4%. Two models match up with eight-row or 12-row planters. Suggested list price is $29,600 for the eight-row model and $32,160 for the 12-row model. Call 712-852-4572, or visit


Get high volume, high speed and high efficiency

The 2987 Magnum Fertilizer Coulter is available for anhydrous, liquid or dry application. The single-disc design causes minimal ground disturbance, adjusts up to 6 inches deep and penetrates high residue. The row units fit most applicators and work in all situations from conventional to no-till. Suggested list price is $1,535 per row. Call Brokaw Supply Co., Fort Dodge, Iowa, 800-362-1640, or go online to


New spreader handles liquid or dry fertilizer

The new 8275 Predator spreader can do double duty. It can be switched from liquid to dry applicator is less than one hour. The 8-ton dry spreader comes with a 34-inch drag chain belt and is capable of spreading fertilizer, gypsum, litter, lime and most semi-solid waste products. Spread patterns range from 90 to 105 feet in width. The liquid system includes a 1,200-gallon tank and an optional 120-foot boom. Suggested list price: $250,000. Call GVM Inc., Biglerville, Pa., at 800-345-3546, or visit


This article published in the December, 2010 edition of INDIANA PRAIRIE FARMER.

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