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How to best display jeans

Article-How to best display jeans

How to display jeans
Originally designed in the 19th century for use by tradesmen and miners, jeans have become a common wardrobe staple worn casually and professionally by people all around the world

How to display jeansOriginally designed in the 19th century for use by tradesmen and miners, jeans have become a common wardrobe staple worn casually and professionally by people all around the world. A small business owner's method of merchandising jeans can significantly affect his bottom line because jeans are often the gateway to other clothing purchases. Although you can display jeans in any way imaginable, certain display methods attract attention and increase foot traffic, sales and repeat business.

Step 1

Look at the layout of your store and select areas to display jeans such as aisles, end caps, wide walkthroughs, windows and clothing racks.

Step 2

Set up display fixtures. Along walls or aisles, you can install shelves on brackets, wall-shelving units such as gondola shelving or grid cube shelving, and hanging rods. In walkthrough areas and windows, if possible, install nested tables arranged in tiers or tiered tables, freestanding stationary clothing racks and portable clothing racks on casters.

Step 3

Display jeans on hangers on wall or clothing rack rods. Hang unfolded jeans by clipping each pair to hangers by their waists approximately an inch in from the sides. Hang lengthwise-folded jeans by clips or across hangers. To fold jeans lengthwise, lay each pair face-up on a table and fold the left side of the jeans over the right side with the back pockets facing out. When you're finished, clip each pair to hangers by their leg hems or lay them over the bottom bars of triangular hangers.

Step 4

Stack folded jeans on shelves and tables. Display lengthwise-folded jeans in stacks of four to five pairs or fold jeans into smaller sizes and display them in stacks of six to eight pairs. To display jeans in a half-fold smaller size, fold a pair of jeans lengthwise, grasp the leg hems and align them with the top of a back pocket. To display a smaller size, grasp the fold at the knees and align it with the hems and pocket. When you're finished, turn each pair over and stack the jeans with the uncovered pockets facing up.

Step 5

Organize your hanging and stacked jeans by brand, and then by style followed by color and size.

Step 6

Display jeans on full-size and bottom mannequin forms in various areas around your store, such as in windows or on tables, to draw attention to specific brands or jeans on sale. In addition, cloth the mannequins with other items you want to sell that can also draw attention to the jeans such as tops and jewelry, belts, socks or shoes.

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