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Huge marketing, sales hurdle exists

The greater the attention investment, the greater the chance of making the sale.

While at your favorite wine shop, an expert opens a bottle, pours some in the correct glass and swirls it around, holds it up, gazes at it intently, takes a sip, sloshes it around in his mouth, furrows his brow, pauses, and utters comments about bouquet and seven other qualities (that make little or no sense), and finally declares his evaluation. When he’s finished, customers line up to buy it at $68 a bottle, about seven times more than they usually spend! Later, they “share” its unique qualities when serving it to friends.

Why? This is how we behave when making what’s called an attention investment, something the wine expert understood. When we run into the store for milk and stand in line next to the gum, chips and candy, we grab an energy bar with a near zero attention investment.

Now, you know why about 90% of an Apple Store’s space is designed to encourage customers to make huge attention investments in Apple’s high-end products.

Takeaway: The greater the attention investment, the greater the chance of making the sale.

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