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New iron for spuds, beans

Potato and dry bean equipment was on display at the recent International Crop Expo in Grand Forks, N.D. Here are some of the new machinery showcased.

New iron for spuds, beans

Potato and dry bean equipment was on display at the recent International Crop Expo in Grand Forks, N.D. Some of the new machinery showcased included:

A) 2-in-1 potato seed cutter

Cut round and oblong-shaped seed potatoes with Better Built Manufacturing’s new 4603 Potato Seed Cutter. Equipped with large-diameter aligning rollers, top and bottom cutting tables, belted hopper chain, double 3 cuts and a positive splitter, the 4603 is an all-in-one seed cutter.

The cutter is available in 36-, 48-, 60- and 72-inch widths. List price for the model shown is $98,000. For more information, contact Better Built Manufacturing, Orem, Utah, at 801-225-4199 or go online to

B) Beefed up Lockwood spud harvester

Last year’s wet harvesting conditions helped Lockwood Manufacturing come up with improvements to its newest harvester. The 674 model is lighter and stronger and has a longer frame for more cleaning capacity, yet it has a tighter turning radius than previous models.

The Lockwood 674 has larger tires for improved floatation, but the tires do not require a conventional axle or tie-rod assembly underneath the harvester. Options include a full-width secondary cleaning table. Price varies with options. For more information, contact Lockwood Manufacturing, West Fargo, N.D., at 800-247-7335 or visit

C) Pickett’s Twin Master edible bean combine

Pickett Equipment’s new Twin Master edible bean combine makes it possible to harvest beans in tough conditions and still put a clean, high-quality product in the truck. The pull-type combine features twin bucket elevator systems, twin vacuum systems, twin straw discharge ports, twin 28-inch diameter concaves and twin central flow threshing cylinders.

The Twin Master combine has a full-length shaker table and two final sieves with 9/16-inch round and 1/2-by-1-inch slotted holes. An Ag Cam monitor in the cab provides views of the final shaker sieves and dump pits. Base list price is $177,000. Contact Pickett Equipment at 800-473-3559 or visit www.pickett

D) Harriston cup potato planter

Harriston Manufacturing’s new cup potato planter is available in 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-row models and has a positive bowl feed system for more uniform feeding of cups. Design features include floating shoes for consistent seed depth, a short seed drop for consistent seed spacing and a rigid row unit to prevent seed from falling off the cup due to open shoe movement.

Base list price for a 6-row cup planter is $59,000. Contact Harriston Industries, Minto, N.D., at 800-437-8205 or visit

E) F/S self-propelled sprayer

All the versatility of a self-propelled sprayer at half the cost and half the fuel consumption makes F/S Manufacturing’s new self-propelled sprayer worth checking out. It has a GMC tilt cab on a truck chassis equipped with double suspension and mechanical drive.

It has 9.5 by 48-16 ply tires, a 124-inch center-to-center track and a 54-inch-wide frame. Spray high clearance ranges from 28 to 60 inches. It’s available with a 60- to 100-foot boom and 750-, 850- or 1,000-gallon tanks. The 205-hp turbo diesel makes road speeds of 45 mph possible. Base list price is $118,000. Contact F/S Manufacturing, West Fargo, at 800-333-2314 or visit

F) Spudnik windrower with Terra Float

Speed up harvest with a 3- 4- or 6-row windrower from Spudnik. The new patented Terra Float wheel system sets the depth of the nose and eliminates the need to dig the furrow, reducing dirt-intake by 30%. The Terra Float wheel system also makes the windrower significantly easier to pull than a windrower with a standard digger nose. The 6160 6-row windrower base list price is $115,500. Contact Spudnik Equipment Co., North Blackfoot, Idaho, at 208-785-0480 or visit

G) Mayo potato washer/polisher

A new potato washer-polisher from Mayo combines a rotating drum with rotary brushes and speed and elevation control to wash and polish potatoes. Options include presoak flume tank and discharge conveyors. Contact Mayo Manufacturing, East Grand Forks, Minn., at 800-223-5873 or visit


A) Better Built Seed Cutter


b) Lockwood potato harvester


c) Pickett Twin Master Bean Combine


d) Harriston cup planter


F) Spudnik windrower


e) F/S self-propelled sprayer


G) Mayo potato washer

This article published in the April, 2010 edition of DAKOTA FARMER.

All rights reserved. Copyright Farm Progress Cos. 2010.

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