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Pre-Vent Feeders expands product line

Pre-Vent Feeders is excited to announce the expansion of its product line of horse feeders designed to enhance horses’ health and reduce feed waste.  The company is launching a new version of the Pre-Vent Feeder that features the same patent-pending design in a smaller size than the original High Capacity feeder.

The Pre-Vent horse feeder is the first and only horse feeder designed to imitate a horse's natural grazing behavior.   The Pre-Vent Feeder's patent pending wide base and angled compartments are designed to make a horse use his tongue and lips to retrieve small amounts of grain, requiring him to concentrate and keep his head down while feeding - slowing feeding and reducing feed waste. 

The new Standard Pre-Vent Feeder features five angled compartments at the bottom of the feeder.  At just over 12 inches high and 20 inches across, and weighing less than 4 pounds, it is the perfect fit for barns, stalls, and traveling with horses.       

 “The Pre-Vent Feeder has proven its benefits to horses and their owners across the country,” said Kaelin Hanks, vice president of sales and marketing at Pre-Vent Feeders.  “Now horse owners can choose which feeder size best fits their horses’ needs and environment.”

The original Pre-Vent Feeder size is still available, and will now be marketed as the High Capacity feeder.  It features eight angled compartments and is a great option for horses in pastures and for feeding both grain and hay in the same feeder. 

Pre-Vent Feeder products are available at leading farm stores, tack shops and retailers in 22 states and in Canada, with more than a dozen new retailers have been added in the past month. A full list of retail and online locations is available at .  For more information or for retail or distribution opportunities, contact 1-888-805-7770.

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