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Ready for summer

Boom-bust weather, that’s Texas — from bitter winter chills to unbearably hot, dry summers.

Ready for summer


Boom-bust weather, that’s Texas — from bitter winter chills to unbearably hot, dry summers.

After many months of extreme dry weather and multitudes of range and pasture fires, many Texas farmers and stock producers were preparing for the worst going into the summer.

Key Points

• Kalina family runs a diversified cattle and crop operation at Miles, Texas.

• Both the commercial cow-calf operation and show-calf business take much time.

• Kalina crew can accomplish as a team what would be impossible otherwise.

Cecil Kalina and family at Miles, Texas, know cattle must be conditioned to handle summer heat along with winter chill.The Kalina operation includes cow-calf commercial production and show calves for their children and others.

Family involvement

Cecil and his wife, Gayle, have three daughters: Victoria, a 2011 Ballinger High graduate; Jessica, a sophomore at Miles High School; and Allie, a second-grader. All the children are active with livestock, and Allie can’t wait to show animals as a 4-H’er in one year.

The Kalina family — and their familiar show trailer — traveled many miles this past winter. Just a few include the Runnels County Stock Show, the Odessa show with a Hereford steer that made the sale, the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show in Fort Worth, and Texas livestock shows in San Antonio, San Angelo, Houston and Austin.

Victoria won her class in San Antonio with a Maine-Anjou steer. An American cross steer took third place at San Angelo. Meanwhile, the commercial cow-calf operation is primarily black cattle.

“Black cattle just bring more at the sale,” Cecil notes. “So our Maine-Anjou crosses have done well.”

Brothers part of business

The Kalina crew is never idle. Cecil also raises winter wheat, cotton, sorghum, hay grazer and coastal bermudagrass, in addition to the cows, with brothers Curtis and Harvey. Their farming and ranching operation spreads over Runnels, Tom Green and Concho counties.

“I want to be clear; I could not do this without my brothers,” Cecil says.

Farming together also lets them pool resources, like the big John Deere 9600 combine harvester that they use collectively.

Outside of the operation, Gayle works with Shannon Medical Center, San Angelo.

The Kalina family knows if the extreme Texas drought and heat continues through this summer, it will challenge all of them to keep the cattle in top condition through it all.


GET IN SHAPE: Miles, Texas, producer Cecil Kalina says whether working with commercial cows or young show calves, good shelter, water and nutrition are paramount to overall conditioning of cattle year-round.

This article published in the June, 2011 edition of THE FARMER-STOCKMAN.

All rights reserved. Copyright Farm Progress Cos. 2011.

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