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Seed tender business booming

If you thought there were already several options for getting seed to the field, there are more now. Several new ways to handle seed in bulk and deliver it efficiently were unveiled at recent farm shows.

Seed tender business booming

If you thought there were already several options for getting seed to the field, there are more now. Several new ways to handle seed in bulk and deliver it efficiently were unveiled at recent farm shows.

If you haven’t made the switch to bulk seed yet, or if your current system isn’t as efficient as you would like, take a look at these new offerings.


Seed tender gets a size upgrade

Last year, the Seed Express 600RT was the largest seed tender offered by Meridian. The company upped the ante when it revealed the 700RT.

The 700RT comes with three compartments, roll tarp cover, a powder-coat finish and hydraulic drive system. The unit can also be equipped with a radio remote control that turns on the conveyor and selects and opens the compartment gate. The 10-inch rubber-cleated belt conveyor comes standard. Pricing information will be available later.

Contact Meridian, Storm Lake, Iowa, at 800-437-2334, or visit


More options for seed treatment

Seed treatment just got faster. If you operate your own dealership at your operation and treat your own seed, take a look at the KSi MultiFlow seed-treatment system.

Because it uses two hoppers instead of one, company representatives say it’s the next step up for treating seed. This high-capacity system features a continuous-flow design. KSi VariRate or Seedwheel metering is available.

Call KSi Conveyors, Sabetha, Kan., at 888-574-3277 or 888-574-2668, or visit


New-generation seed boxes

Willmar Fabrication has a new line of seed containers made from corrosion-resistant polyethylene. They are weather- and waterproof.

The SM80 has about 80 cubic feet of capacity. Up to 22 units fit on a 53-foot semi van or flatbed. Empty weight is about 800 pounds. The SM100’s capacity is about 100 cubic feet. The SM400 has about a 400-cubic-foot capacity. Up to five units can be shipped empty on a semi van or flatbed. Suggested list prices: SM80 or SM100, $1,000; SM400, $4,800.

Call Willmar Fabrication LLC, Willmar, Minn., at 877-332-2551, or visit



Stobel tender loads up seed

Strobel’s B-T Seed Transport comes complete with a 9-hp Honda power unit, Lundell poly-cup flighting in 8-inch folding augers, and a rollover tarp. This tender is available in 300- and 200-bushel units with a gooseneck hitch design, and a 100-bushel unit with a bumper hitch. Hoppers on all three models have individual shut-off gates and sight windows. Most B-T tenders are scale-ready and can be used as weigh wagons at harvest. Suggested list price is $23,000 for the 300-bushel gooseneck hitch model.

Call Strobel Manufacturing Inc., Clarks, Neb., at 308-548-2254, or visit


A basic tender with lots of standard goodies

Hitch Doc’s new HSC3750 bulk seed system can handle up to 375 bushels of seed. A 19-foot downspout comes standard along with a 13-hp Honda power unit for easy filling. Built-in side windows let you know it’s full without having to climb on the unit. You can add a scale, dry talc kit and liquid inoculator. The HSC3750 starts at $25,000.

Call Hitch Doc, Jackson, Minn., at 800-446-8222, or visit


Single conveyor for shuttle

The new Seed Shuttle 400 from Norwood Sales has a new swing conveyor that can both load and unload the tanks. The 8-inch-diameter, 24-foot-long conveyor tube pivots in the center so that it can be used to either load or unload the tanks.

The Seed Shuttle 400 has two 200-unit non-corrosive poly tanks, wireless remote control with infinite belt speed, a 10-inch-wide all-rubber belt with a capacity of 1,800 pounds per minute, and an enclosed belt on the return side. Suggested list price: $26,500.

Call Norwood Sales Inc., Cooperstown, N.D., at 800-446-0316, or visit

This article published in the December, 2011 edition of INDIANA PRAIRIE FARMER.

All rights reserved. Copyright Farm Progress Cos. 2011.

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