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Ranching tansparency: Does telling your story really matter?

Beef producers need to be passionate and in front of their consumers with their stories about how and why they do what they do

Beef producers have a great story to tell. They work hard every day to be good stewards of the land, their animals and provide safe and nutritious beef for America's consumers. Yet far too often, cattle producers hide their light under a bushel basket and don’t tell their story to an uninformed and often misinformed public.

Those are the issues that his edition of the Beef Roundtable investigates. Beef producers are often encouraged to use social media and other means to tell their story. But does it really work?

Beef Roundtable guests Anne Burkholder and Kim Brackett walk you through the transparency topic.

Anne Burkholder is a city kid raised in Palm Beach County, Fla., and Ivy League-educated with a degree in psychology from Dartmouth University. Yet she operated Will Feed Inc. at Cozad, Neb. for 10 years and now works for the Beef Marketing Group. Through her blog “Feedyard Foodie,” she educates visitors about the beef industry and cattle feeding in particular.

Kim Brackett is an owner/partner on the family ranch in Castleford, Idaho. She served on the Cattlemen’s Beef Board, acting as secretary-treasurer, vice chairwoman and chairwoman.

Beef producers need to passionate in telling their story to a sometimes skeptical public. Welcome to the Beef Roundtable.

The Beef Roundtable is a joint production of Beef Magazine and the Purdue University Department of Animal Sciences

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