Strategic alliance with Albion Animal Nutrition

Knapp, Wis., November 21, 2008- BOMAC Vets Plus, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to announce that we have entered into a strategic alliance with Albion Animal Nutrition to manufacture and support their Replamin® gel and Pull Thru® branded products.

BOMAC Vets Plus, Inc., a prominent animal nutritional supplement manufacturer, will be producing the Albion line with the quality and integrity that is known in the industry. BOMAC Vets Plus, Inc. will be handling the sales and marketing components for these brands as well and would like to extend a welcome to the current Albion customers. Albion will continue to provide technical support of the product lines and be a resource of information on trace mineral importance. This arrangement compliments a full line of animal health and nutrition products currently offered by BOMAC Vets Plus, Inc. by the addition of a superior trace mineral based supportive therapy product line.

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A leading manufacturer and distributor of animal health and nutrition products, BOMAC Vets Plus, Inc, is located in Knapp, Wis.